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Designing urban farming pamphlet
Papayas above the rooftops
Community planting initiative
Full spectrum lights for indoors
Urban farming whatsapp groups
Soil-less growing
Vertical farming peanuts
vertical farming
Rooftop gardening
Know where your food is coming from
Cow farming above the city

Between us we know how to grow our own food, and have been doing so for millions of years. But are agricultural skills being lost? Is that knowledge being shared where it is most needed?


This research into urban farming in India attempts to understand what the challenges are when it comes to growing in the city. With that understanding, our mission is to bring urban farming to those that are most in need of a sustainable, self-sufficient food source.


We are interested in the networks that can be established around the growing of food, whether that's sharing some tomatoes with your neighbours or responding to a question about pest treatment. Can individual knowledge then go further to support others in your community?

We held networking events, including a pop-up meal in which people shared food grown on their rooftops and in their gardens, and a workshop with school children in which they designed a leaflet on urban farming.

Take a look at our website for more information: Urban Farming Pune

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