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I am an ethnographer using varied practices allow me to explore people's lifeworlds and present them in the most engaging and immersive ways - through photography, film, sound and art installation. I am interested in a range of research topics such as relationships to place, public space, homelessness and belonging.


My practice is firmly rooted in Anthropology, with a degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Kent and a Masters in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester (the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology).

I have recently completed a residency in Făgăraș, Romania, with CEVA (Centre of Visual Anthropology Education) and the Fundaţia Mihai şi Maria Frăţilă. We ran two three month workshops: DocT (Documenting through Technology) a documentary filmmaking workshop, and Audiovisual Echoes, an English language narrative workshop which used sound and photography.

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