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This event was born largely out of frustration at the amount of 'public' or private space whose use is restricted, or is merely sitting idle. This meal is a small act towards combatting that frustration.

For one night we took over an abandoned railway arch, and put together a 5 course meal, with materials found on site that were built into tables and benches. The arch is on/near a piece of land called Pomona island, that is in itself contentious: if you want to read more there have been lots of articles written about it

All food used was skipped, ie taken from supermarkets after they'd thrown it out, a food philosophy that we felt fitted in with the ethos of the evening. It was beautifully transformed by our excellent chef Charles Cutts, into a 5-star-restaurant-worthy meal, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Our aim was to get people talking about issues such as land-use, homelessness, and food waste, without explicitly telling people what to think. It was an evening of open minded, honest discussion, and I would like to think we will go on to hold several more events such as this in the future. 

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